How to write your own prayer

  1. If possible, find a time when you can carve out at least 5 minutes entirely to yourself. 
  2. Gather your supplies (a journal and pen, a computer, whatever you’ll use to write). 
  3. Take three deep breaths to help your nervous system regulate. 
  4. Make the Sign of the Cross. 
  5. Ask God to help you talk to Him. He is eternally eager and available to be in conversation with you. 
  6. Start writing.
    – Remember that prayers do not need to have many words (Matthew 6:7). 
    – Some people find it helpful to have a prompt, so I’ve included a few below, with varying degrees of directiveness. Use whatever is helpful to you. 

How do you feel about God right now? Tell Him that. 

What questions do you have for God right now? Ask Him. 

Imagine Jesus were to come to sit with you right now. What would happen between the two of you? 

Imagine the story of Jacob wrestling with God (Genesis 32:24-31) as it might be rewritten about you wrestling with God. 

Read and write a reflection on one of the following passages:
Isaiah 25:6a&7-8b,
1 Thessalonians 4:13-14&18, or
John 14:1-7. 

If it’s difficult to talk to God right now, consider writing a prayer asking Mary or another saintly companion for their intercession. 

“Lord, right now I’m feeling _____. Help me see how You’re entering into this with me. I see you ______ and I feel without you _______.” 

“God, I come to you without ______ and with _______.” 

  1. Set this aside for at least a day. Then come back to it. 
  2. Edit, rewrite, or rephrase as you wish. Continue to ask God to help you converse with Him as you do. 
  3. Consider adding a Bible verse, a poem, or an image to your prayer. 

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